Trends that your kids will love on their jewellery this summer

If your kids love wearing pieces of jewellery or your looking for the perfect gift for a child, it can be no easy task to pick out something that looks great and they’ll adore too. But jewellery has been embracing the latest industry trends and ranges that are suitable for little ones to wear are no different.In need of some inspiration? Look no further. We’ve rounded up ten fashion trends that look great on earrings, pendants, and more with kids in mind.

1. Unicorns

Has there been a bigger trend this year than the unicorn one? We don’t think so and it’s still going strong. These colourful mystical creatures have been adorning everything from makeup brushes to slogan tees. While unicorns have become a favourite among teens, kids will love them too. You can get your hands on vibrant rings and cute earrings to liven up any child’s outfit and give it a magical edge.

2. Mermaids

Unicorns might be big at the moment but there’s another fantasy creature that’s gaining in popularity – mermaids. With Disney already working on a live action remake of The Little Mermaid, it’s a trend we predict is only going to get bigger. They’re perfect for jewellery too, adding touches of bright colours. Of course, if your child’s not into embracing this theme wholeheartedly the wider trend of under the sea is proving just as fashionable – think seashells, starfish, and nautical stripes, what’s not to love?

3. Floral

Flowers show that summer is here and every year floral patterns make it big on the runway. This year was no different with plenty of designers using floral patterns, headdresses, and accessories. Floral jewellery designs are a great way to add a summer vibe to any outfit your child’s wearing. Luckily for you, we have a huge range of flower designs for you to choose from, from delicate mint earring to multi-coloured motifs that will certainly catch the eye of your little one.

4. Feathers

Festival season is well underway and the hippy, boho look is still on trend. Your kid might not be have celebrated at Glastonbury this summer but they can still get on board with this style. Feather details are a great way to add a free spirited look over the summer holidays. We think this feather pendant necklace will look fab paired with a summer dress or t-shirt and shorts.

5. Monogramming

Kids have always loved adding their name to things and this season personalisation couldn’t be hotter. It’s being seen on a huge selection of items, jewellery included. Your child will be right on point with a monogrammed pendant. For a simple, classic look, you can pick out their initial to wear on a necklace. We’ve got some sterling silver crystal ones available to really add a touch of glam. We promise that the child they’re gifted to will love having their personal on stamp on their jewellery.

6. Statement pendants

In the fashion world, pendants that make a statement have become huge, even more so if they’re layered. It’s the perfect trend for kids that can’t decide between pieces to follow. With so many different pendants to choose from, they’ll be able to show off their individuality and the things they love all at once. If you don’t think the bold, layered pendant look is quite right, stacking bangles, bracelets, or rings is just as popular right now too.

7. Flamingos

Flamingos might be a trend that’s been taken up by the millennial generation buts kids have loved these colourful birds for decades. If your child is a huge fan of animals or has a particular love for the birds renowned for balancing on one leg, it’s a trend that’s ideally suited to them. How about some bright earrings? Or you can even choose plain silver ones for a subtler look.

8. Bold colours

Kids seem to naturally be drawn to bold colours, in fact the brighter the better. Fortunately, they’re all the rage this year. Designers across the world have been playing with bright palettes and patterns. It’s a trend that’s easy to translate into jewellery too. Choose one of our designs that use epoxy colour to really show off this style. Bonus points if you choose bright pink or opt to colour clash.

9. Comics

This one might not be gracing the shows of the leading designers but there’s no denying that comics are right on trend at the moment. With both Marvel and DC putting out films, TV shows, and merchandise throughout the year, superheroes have never been cooler. You don’t need to spend a fortune to find jewellery that shows off you child’s love of comic books. You could find pieces that pay homage to their favourite character – spiders for Spiderman perhaps – or even go retro with these ‘Pow!’ earrings.

10. Origami

Origami clothing looks great on the catwalk and you might think it’s not really a trend that can make it’s way into children’s jewellery. But you’d be wrong. We’ve combined this fashion trend with cute animal designs to create a range of fun and quirky earrings. Now all you’ve got to do is choose between the options – an adorable orange cat or a delicate pink butterfly? There’s something for everyone to pick from in our selection.For all your children’s jewellery needs you simply need to head to We Do Bijoux. As specialists in crafting beautiful pieces that are as much as a hit with parents as they are for children, we’ve got a huge range that’s perfect for the little ones in your life. What’s more, every item that we deliver comes in a stunning gift box to keep it in, perfect for birthdays and other special occasions.Whether you’re looking for something special or the latest on-trend piece to add to a fast growing collection, we’ve got something for you at We Do Bijoux.

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